Cult of the Road: Collection Summer 2014

The Cult of the Road brand came into existence roughly a year back. Not even we can believe how quickly time flies when you do what you truly enjoy. It doesn’t really matter what you do, the important thing is to continuously feel the joy as strongly as the day when you fell in love whatever you love doing. Yes, if we think back a little, we recall some problems, and moments when everything felt like it would fall in vain. That said, walking a path is not joyful unless the path is twisty. No downhill rush is joyful unless the hill is climbed first.

The catalog which you’re about to read stands at the very end of our endeavor. From all of the individual shirt artworks, each of which means something to us and tells its own story about the production(which we might tell you some other time), which is never easy because getting finances means trying to sell goods from previous collections. Those of you who know us personally, know that this part is, paradoxically, the least pleasurable for us…right up till the sweet end, when the clothes are finally spread out into the world. It is our delightful obligation to capture these moments on paper.

Cult of the Road isn’t just about clothes. The thing which we strive for, and what is at the same time our dream, is to have great times with our friends and people who support us, and to experience wonderful things with these people. Cult of the Road gives us a reason to try get farther than we’ve ever been. We’re extremely glad that we’ve managed to do that over the course of the year. It was an amazing ride, full of laughter, fun, adrenaline, beautiful machines, equally beautiful people, and amazing places. Places where we probably otherwise never would have gotten to. This whole path would have absolutely zero sense if we were to walk it alone. We’d like to thank all the people for what they’ve done for not only Cult of the Road, but also for us personally. On the following pages you shall learn about those people. This catalog  is dedicated to them.